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Opening and Closing

Opening Ceremony is a symbolizing ceremony to welcome all participants to the series of ISMC XIII ev...



The Roadshow is a series of online visits to 34 senior high schools in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Ou...


Mining Expo & Exhibition

Mining Expo and Exhibition is a virtual event that consists of a Mining Expo which will exhibit boot...


Indonesian Mining Student Summit

Indonesian Mining Student Summit is a collaborative event between Mining Engineering students in Ind...


National Webinar

National Webinar is a part of Webinar Series that will discuss a specific mining issue in Indonesia...


International Webinar

International Webinar is a part of Webinar Series that will invite mining experts from abroad. The g...


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Mine Plan Design Competition

Mine Plan Design Competition is a competition which participants have to compete by summar...


Mining Smart Competition

Mining Smart Competition is a competition that challenges participantsโ€™ abilities to answe...


Mining Case Competition

Mining Case competition is a competition to answer and examine each case given by the comm...


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Paper Competition

Paper competition is a scientific writing competition in Indonesia, which participated by...


Poster Competition

Poster Competition is a poster-making competition that contains information about mining i...


Video Competition

Video Competition is a video-making competition that contains information about the mining...


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